I knew about this track before thanks to a post on reddit, so I was only partially prepared for how it ended up function in my mind when GRiZ mixed it into his set last night at Lido in Berlin.

Basically, there are some songs that kind of captivate you when you hear it live, and since the live experience is comprised of elements that aren't present when we listen to music on headphones, it tends to redefine the context of the track entirely.

The moment I knew this track had a chance of being dropped was when GRiZ played the original track he co-released with Big Gigantic entitled "Good Times Roll". The original track realizes a funky breakdown mid-way through the song and, as the re-build approached, I noticed a slight change in the tempo to accomodate a VIP like this. The array of diverse colors in the light show then switched immediately to dark blue with strobe effects as this heavy, glitch-hop VIP track blew up the spot. Among the rollercoaster of a GRiZ set, this short phase toward the beginning of the set stood out for breaking barriers revealing a frontier of heavy track possibilities, which GRiZ fully capitalized on.

It seem this track was designed to be seamlessly mixed into the original with the intention of making the collective mood go from funky to bassface inducing. A little throw down once in awhile never hurt anybody and such heavy synthesization framed by calculated snare beats in this VIP fosters exactly that throw down some of us seek in sets like this one.

posted by Mike
February 2017