GRiZ knows how to throw a party and who to invite at that party! Producer's new album Good Will Prevail dropped less than 24 hours ago and it's time to dive into what the groove beat master has cooked for us.

I bet Mike will be super stoked about this feature. My Saturday morning pickup is the 4th track of the record called "I Don't Mind" - a collaboration with a few names we all love here at the fox - Sunsquabi, Artifakts and iDa Hawk. This is basically the Avengers kinda selection.

You won't need more than a listen to figure out these guys are doing what they love. The whole track carries this awesome friendship-like vibe and is nothing but a shortcut to happiness. Play this loud and enjoy life.

I'll be digging into the album these days, so expect more features and an album review soon! Meanwhile - you can order from the link above.


posted by Ivo
September 2016