For many, wintertime is the season to take a step back, reflect, and adjust the course. Often, we seek soundtracks to see transitions through. They tend to provide the grease our gears need to make the most of situations we're handed and the ones we seek.

"You Got To Change" by GRiZ -- a classic electro hiphop track now five years of age. This track takes it back to a different era in my life when I first moved to Germany. I heard life knocking nice and loud on my door reminding me of the monstrous waves afoot and that my soul would be chemically reformed. The pinkish-orange tone color of an autumn sunset on top of a electronically-funkified hiphop beat have gifted me the groove to walk the valleys, climb the mountains, and ride the waves since then. This is what soundwaves tend to do.

Since this song was produced using eight songs sampled from six vinyls, GRiZ himself has seen quite some transitions in his career. From first getting exposure through Bassnectar and Pretty Lights to creating his own label to touring the world and giving back. I feel that "You Got To Change" represents a foundational GRiZ sound that he's held on to, despite the volume of sounds he's produced. Check out his Chasing The Golden Hour Part II release and you'll get a series of sample-based tracks that ease the weight of existence:

posted by Mike
December 2017