Some new acoustic goodness is coming your way courtesy of my fave Hayden Calnin. I've been raving so much about him in the past that I don't even feel that it's necessary to introduce him extensively.

"Mountain Steeps" is taken off his upcoming EP Soon Forever out in September (can't wait!). He sounds even more Justin Vernon-esque in this layered ballad. Calnin is an extremely talented producer and this song has been engineered so well that I urge you to hit play right about now.

Isolation from your usual environment can sometimes make your life feel like you are living in a dream. I take myself on a walk or run almost every day. It’s my time to reflect on all the things happening in my life and the world over. Mountain Steeps captures a couple of those thoughts I often find myself coming back to on those outings. Lots of self-reflection.

posted by Anna
August 2020