While listening to the whimsical and tender track “Love Dancer,” my mind conjures up images of small, fairytale creatures dancing along to the music. The atmosphere around you contracts and expands as the song moves along, as it takes you from one place to another; a dense green forest, full of deep greens and browns, or a rocky cliff side overlooking a vast stormy ocean, the sun peaking in between the clouds. 

The two artists behind the work had similar intentions, drawing inspiration from nature and its healing properties when creating this track. Aiming to evoke emotion rather than do things the “logical” way, Hemai says he poured his heart into this track, going with what felt right. 

Mingled with elements of jazz and R&B the track is slow, layered, and impactful. Synths splash through the track and add electronic waves the tight and rhythmic percussion. Fifi Robo’s sublime vocals round out the spatial sound of the track with high notes and ethereal vocal runs.

posted by Lora
February 2021