Lately, it's not only Henry Green's sound that's undergone an evolution but also his visuals! His new release "Outside" is paired with a video that feels like an emotional rollercoaster.

Henry's past single "Uyuni", along with this one is among the most sonically dense we've heard from the UK-based artist. We're greeted with these soulful vocals (that surprisingly aren't Henry's) during the intro, and as the track progresses the stereo field is adorned with shuffling percussion and airy textures. By the time we reach the drop, we're reminded of acts like Catching Flies and Parra for Cuva thanks to Henry's elegant mixture of electronica and downtempo vibes.

As "Outside" continues, we truly glimpse Green solely as a producer, not just as a singer and songwriter.

"I remember writing the original sketch for Outside, during one of the many lockdowns here in the UK. I knew that, when writing the original chord progression, I wanted to work with a sample rather than my own vocal", shares Henry Green.

posted by Lu
August 2023