Nowadays, Henry Green is known for his eclectic and ultra-soothing brand of electronic music, and that's exactly what we're welcomed to on his new release "Uyuni".

Residing in a quiet village just outside of Bristol, Green is a producer who has built a multi-million listenership, and he has spoken about his fascinating come-up in an interview with us. "Uyuni" exhibits how his sound recently is leaning more toward electronica, and the bright layers of synths beautifully complement his velvet-like vocal performance. The somewhat hushed tone of his voice captures the themes of quiet isolation and introspection found in the lyrics.

“Uyuni (here) lands after a brief hiatus and time of personal reflection. A testament to the introspective nature across all of Henry’s work, it is the start of a very exciting new chapter and reincarnation, delving deeper into the atmospheric, electronic soundscape", they share.

posted by Lu
July 2023