Hiatus Kaiyote did it again.

Just when I thought there can't possibly be any more surprises from them - after the announcing of a new album via Brainfeeder (Mood Valiant is due 25 June) with "Get Sun" and after the slow, dreamy jam "Red Room", here comes "Chivalry Is Not Dead".

The genre-defying but "radio-friendly" track talks about the bizarre mating rituals of leopard slugs (they turn fluorescent) and seahorses (they lock tails and dance) and features varying vocal harmonies, a lot of jazz, funk and... wait for it - a dubstep-like drop. I love Nai's elaboration:

After we did Choose Your Weapon, we had to make radio edits of our songs, and all of our shit is like 6 or 7 minutes long! So ‘Chivalry’ was me fucking with the ‘hit record’ formula. I’m gonna write a song that's 3:40 long, and it’s about sex, but I’m gonna make it fucking weird. Examples from the natural world that are fucking with the status quo.

Embark on the trippy visual journey alongside this stunning piece:

posted by Nasko
June 2021