Get ready to feel the warmth of "Beautiful Memories" by HoodyBoi - a track that's like a musical hug for your soul. This one's a special dedication to his grandma Susanna Linhart, who was not just a Brit artist but also a big part of his life.

Picture yourself in a cozy room, wrapped in the embrace of soothing piano chords. There's a saxophone that gently whispers tales of the past and a bass drum that keeps the rhythm like a steady heartbeat.

The track has the role of the kicker and is the 4th and last track of HoodyBoi's first-ever Beautiful Memories EP. Whether you choose to groove to "The Bush" or get lost in "High In Love" you're in for a treat. But honestly, the real charm is experiencing the entire EP in one beautiful go.

posted by Boris
September 2023