The NYC-based half-French, half-American producer Houis can be described as a true musical maverick, who is having quite the year so far. Every new project, he embarks upon is eagerly anticipated in the musical landscape. His ability to gracefully blend genres and sounds aligns perfectly with Stereofox's groove.

Just two months after his much-praised Outgrown LP dropped, Houis surprises his fans with a brand new musical gem. While they're still immersed in the eleven tracks of Outgown he invites them to explore the enchanting realms of "Mauve".

With every release, Houis paints a soundscape that seamlessly intertwines hazy r&b and lo-fi beats, creating a signature auditory experience that resonates deeply with his fans. However, "Mauve" introduces a fresh vibe to the world of downtempo music. The track opens with an airy and expansive atmosphere, gently leading you into its captivating lo-fi beat. But there's a twist waiting – the lush saxophones and bold guitar licks, the crescendo of this sonic masterpiece.

His versatility shines through in this piece, and it's the elegant balance he strikes between various musical elements that's truly intriguing. It's an art to blend such diverse ingredients into a harmonious musical feast, and Houis is a master chef in this sonic kitchen.

The new single comes to your speakers via DYVN's record label MYSA.

posted by Boris
October 2023