My first-ever release at Stereofox was with Scott. HOUNDTRACK's "Cul de Sac" was at the peak of the first Covid lockdown and I vividly remember the little moments of being able to go out & see the sunset while listening to it. I even told him once - "Man, I had a "cul de sac" moment".

Today, he's back with his beautiful & pretty unique production - a blend of downtempo, melodic bass, and chill beats. "heard & felt" is the 1st single of a wonderful project - his sophomore (and debut with us) album called for a moment (due to release Feb 2nd, 2024).

"heard & felt" is about healing, letting go, and being able to see the beauty in the world while simultaneously recognizing the things that have happened to you. It's both soothing & uplifting and sets a new chapter in Scott's musical journey.

I honestly can't wait to share the full album with you. But while we wait, make sure to stream the 1st single on your fav platform here.

posted by Nasko
November 2023