One of our first “new wave” releases was imagiro’s lush and cozy electronic track “Until I’m Home”. Back then we, as newcomers to the music label game, had no idea the track will reach the 5M plays mark within a year of its release – something we could only dream of!

We decided to celebrate this huge milestone with our first remix competition. There were way too many amazing tracks and after a fun live stream and long voting discussions we ended up with these 4 beautiful re-imaginations of the original. In the spirit of re-imagination, we also decided to expand the creative visions of “Until I’m Home” and align them with imagiro’s new brand and artistic direction. Each of the remixes tells its own story and adds a specific flare to the original, something that’s reflected in the visual.

Starting off this project is Refeeld's take on the track. The Japanese music producer adds a lush and spacious underwater feel to the original. Through bright layered melodies, the track carries a soulful melancholic vibe, driven forward by groovy mellow drums and percussion textures.

By releasing Refeeld's remix we're extremely excited to kick off this journey, so if you want to be a part of it, keep your eyes out for the next tracks coming out via Stereofox Records on May 28th, June 18th and July 20th!

posted by Chris
April 2021