posted by Nasko
June 2019

If there's one name in the chillhop scene you'd have to remember, it's FloFilz. He is literally my first contact with this amazing, and nowadays flourishing, genre and his work made it so natural for me to fall in love with that music.

You've probably read all about him, but here's the quick bio - FloFilz is Florian Meier from Aachen, Germany, and has been involved with music as far as he remembers.

He dropped his gorgeous new album Transit today (via Melting Pot Music) and I had the pleasure to talk to him about his music and the beat scene.

Hey Flo, how are you? Where do we find you today?

Hey Nasko, I'm good, thanks for having me! Right now I'm at home, listening to some João Donato while answering your questions! 

Tell us something spicy about your just released album Transit. It features great artists we also adore, such as Alfa Mist, Barney Artist, Biig Piig, K, Le Maestro. How did this magic come to live?

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I'm happy to say that all the features on the album happened organically; I met Alfa Mist first About 2 years ago when I played support for him in Hamburg. We started chatting and it turned out that we both liked each other' s music so we planned to work on something together!

I had already worked with Barney Artist for my „Speakthru“ album and we've met a couple times since then as well!

Regarding Biig Piig and K, Le Maestro I just hit them up via SoundCloud / Instagram because I've been digging their music for quite a while already but I both met them in London later as well where we also recorded the tracks! The one with K, Le Maestro was actually produced together with him in my hotel room, haha. 

You are also part of Freddie Joachim's recent album. How was working with him?

I met Freddie when he played a show in Cologne like 2 years ago. He had some free time during his tour so I invited him to come to my place in Aachen to work on some music together. We started working on some tracks that day but those got scraped, and he later asked me if I'd want to work on a track for his new album together. I did some of the drum work and recorded the violin parts for "Beyond the Sea of Trees"! I'm very happy to be part of this project since he has been, and still is, a big Inspiration!  

How do you see the beat scene progressing? Are you excited about where it's headed?

Lo-fi / chillhop beats, or however you wanna call them, have obviously become very popular which I think is cool but at the same time I feel like a lot of the stuff is beginning to sound the same. There's still a crazy lot of talented new producers out there though and probably many to come, so I'm excited for sure!

And do you have a favourite place to do a show? Where's the best audience?

My best shows have definitely been in London! Crazy energy and people, really appreciate the music! But of course there have been great audiences in other cities as well! (Paris, Berlin or even my home town Aachen).

I love how you incorporate jazz into your music. What's your favourite thing about this genre? Tell us how you fell in love with it. Any particular artists that influenced you?

Jazz is so incredibly versatile and there's countless genres inspired by it. As Kiefer said in one of his Instagram stories: „If you don't like jazz, you don't like music.“ My dad showed me a Dave Brubeck record ("Time Out") when I was a child and I fell in love with it. So, he is an inspiration for sure, as well as many others.

You're also a violinist - how did the violin come to your life?

My parents are both classical musicians. I remember pretending to play the violin using my fork and knife at the dinner table for some reason when I was around 4 years old. So, my parents got me a real tiny violin shortly after!

It's been great talking to you! Something else you'd like to share?

Again, thanks for having and supporting me! I' m going to play two release shows for my new album "Transit", in Berlin on the 6th of July, and London on the 12th of July, so if anyone reading this is around I'd love to see you there!

Peace, Flo

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