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May 2014
Filming Tycho's live performance (which you can watch below) in Berlin was just part of the fun! We had the chance to ask Scott a few questions and if you're curious to find out more about how the solo project turned into full-blown band, anxiety, design and recording process - dig into the lines below.

Berlin was the last date of the European tour so far. How has the audience and touring experience here changed since 2012?

There's definitely been a shift in the energy we get back from the audiences, it feels a little more lively.

As opposed to Dive, Awake has been recorded significantly faster. I know few tracks on Dive have been done for years, before the album was released. What’s the reason behind it? Have you become faster and more clear with the music direction you want to go?

With Dive I spent a long time fleshing out ideas and then stopped doing music to focus on graphic design for a few years. When I came back to music to finish Dive it actually went relatively quickly, I'd say a year maybe. I was also still very inexperienced back then, I think I just learned a lot making Dive and applied those lessons to Awake. I also worked with Zac and Rory on this record and the process of writing went a lot faster with other people involved.


Your music often uses slow progression, minimalistic elements. There has been an ongoing discussion whether Awake can be labeled as post-rock influenced record. What’s your take on that?

I'm not entirely sure I understand what constitutes post-rock. I have always listened primarily to rock music and it played more of an influential role than ever with Awake. Zac and Rory enabled me to stretch a little further into rock territory as well.

You’ve said a few times that at the end, you make music for yourself and you want your music to evoke feelings. What kind of feelings does Awake evoke in you?

It's hard to pinpoint any specific range of emotions, it kind of runs the gamut. I've listened to those songs so many times under so many circumstances that they are continually taking on new meaning. But I do think in the beginning they kind of represented the idea of freedom in the context of open spaces but tempered by this almost agoraphobic perspective. Like discovering this vast new space but at the same time being intimidated by it.

If there is a research which investigates the relationship between panic/anxiety attacks and the music of Tycho… what would you think the outcome results would suggest?

I have heard from people that it can have a calming, meditative effect. If it has helped anyone with panic and/or anxiety I'd be very happy to know that as I struggle with these things a great deal.

If we draw a parallel between start-up accelerators and labels, what do you think a label should provide for an upcoming band, besides cash?

A platform, knowledge, guidance.

How did you chose Rory and Zac, what’s the story behind it?

Zac and I have been playing shows together for a long time, I met him through his cousin Dusty Brown. We worked together a little on Dive and then after touring that record we decided to work closely together on Awake. Rory had been touring with us after Dive came out and I always felt the sound of all three of us playing live brought an element to the music that hadn't been there before and I wanted to capture that on this record.

Design trends change fast, do you think one day might be too late to go back to being full-time designer or its something one does not lose?

I think if you can manage to stay inspired and engaged in any profession you can go on creating as long as you like. Then again I never did very much client work as a designer so I'm probably a bit insulated as to how fickle that industry can be.

Thanks, Scott!

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