I have something extremely groovy and fresh for you this Friday!

It’s a gorgeous remix by Capyac, who flipped Ishi’s songGoody Goody”. The result is a funk-driven blast of positive vibes, with the contribution of a couple of more talented artists: Cure for Paranoia and RuDi Devino. Capyac explains:

 We decided, in the tremendous silence of an early summer evening, to remix a song by Dallas musician Ishi. After various attempts at transmutation, in the normal style of our CAPYAC remixes, we decided a scrambled egg approach fit best. The 2nd verse became the first, the first verse became the bridge, each chapter of the song harking back to that musical egg we all know and love. We brought in Rudi Devino, a long time collaborator based in Austin to add some words to the mix. And in a matter of a few days, we finished the remix and continued our slow walk toward that magnificent and terrifying unknown we call ‘the incessant demand for consistency in the mechanical teeth of Spotify’s relevancy incinerator.

A great warm-up for this weekend!

posted by Nora
August 2021