As the warmth from the Sun is slowly being substituted by the warmth of a cup of tea, there is nothing more pleasing than cosy tunes, filled with genuine sparling joy and affection.

“Losing Light” by Australian-born, Berlin-based artist Jackson Dyer is offering exactly this soothing atmosphere, relying on the balanced mixture of soul, folk and indie.

The track, written with fellow Berlin-based musician Florian Höfer and drummer Pascal Karier, reflects Dyer’s move to a more collaborative approach to songwriting. He shares:

“Losing Light” is a song that I wrote about that sweet spot on those special afternoons with friends when everything seems to fit perfectly together, those special moments that you don’t want to end. However, time passes and then the sky starts to lose some of its colour, and I imagined this song to be focused around trying to extend that sweet spot for as long as possible, chasing the sun and demanding a few more minutes.

posted by Nora
September 2021