“Petrichor” is a wonderful groovy conversation between well-balanced elements, created by Jeia - our latest discovery.

The track, released in 2020, is a chill and jazzy homage to the Greek myths. The term Petrichor describes the smell of rain on dry earth. The word is derived from the Greek for stone and liquid. According to Greek mythology, it flows in the veins of the Greek gods and Jeia is trying to describe this flow with her beautiful single.

Toronto-based producer and multi-instrumentalist definitely knows how to make the best out of her gear, bringing a carefully designed soundscape to life. In this track, she uses laid-back percussion, accompanied by guitars, brass samples and some synths which are sipping magic on top of this elegant mixture.

"Petrichor" is a truly good example of what attention to detail means. I guarantee your ears will be well taken care of!

posted by Nora
July 2021