A chilled indietronica treat, "ADHD" is the beautiful nostalgic track that will make your inner introvert smile.

JEZ_EBEL's new track blends lofi pop and indie electronic to stir up a delicate tune, which will simply please your ears. The Norwegian singer's vocals are just so light and gentle, that the song feels like a tiny little but enchanting flower, popping up on your way. JEZ_EBEL shares:

Its a song about not feeling I can keep up with the world. The tumultuous emotional rollercoaster that is my life and all its impulsivities. The song is chaotic from start to end! It was honestly so much fun letting loose and experimenting within the song with my producer Martin.

The track is part of her forthcoming EP titled the humbling chronicles of jez and comes with a wonderful video, which you'll quite enjoy if you're into colours and a more artistic approach:

posted by Nora
March 2022