Jorja Smith’s soulful “Where Did I Go?” turns into a whole new bop once Daju touches it. The original song is slow and sensual, plus Smith’s heartbreaking lyrics will have you feeling emotional without knowing why. Daju’s remix turns the track into an empowering, upbeat tune so you can vibe to Jorja Smith at the club with your girlfriends. Depending on how you’re going about your break-up, you can choose which version of “Where Did I Go?” to indulge in. 

The Hawaiian producer remixes soul and R&B songs often and has come to define his sound as “Dat Feel Good” music. This one is no exception, as the revived, funky beat will fill you with good feels. If you want to keep riding the wave, check out our mini mix with Daju. 

posted by Lora
January 2021