In those mist-heavy, cold November mornings, the best thing you can do is play a cozy, slightly melancholic song.

A fav find as of late is "Where do feelings go" by Joshua Thew - London-born, Brooklyn-based singer & former ballet dancer in the NYC Ballet. An r&b-meets-indie-soul gem with airy synth pads, mellow drum groove & honey vocals about what follows after a breakup.

Thew shares about his inspirations: "There is something so strange and absurd about the abruptness of a breakup; like air suddenly deflating from a balloon. I tried to capture as close to the moment of separation as possible. It felt cathartic making this song, and I leaned on the music when I needed it. Sometimes it was more personal than I intended. I see it like a nighttime dream that's sensual and sad."

There's also a magnificent, movie-like official video, which is an absolute must-watch:

posted by Nasko
November 2022