A captivating tune, "Fluid" will suck you into the holy waters of the sonic swirl.

Coloured in a bit darker shades, the track carries a hypnotizing atmosphere. A blend of trip-hop and indietronica, the song combines driving percussion and synth works with ethereal vocals.

Produced by La Vie Sauvage and graced with Pet Snake's enchanting vocals, "Fluid" tells a story of living and coping with your inner darkness. The two artists each other while both in a tumultuous time of their lives, looking for an escape by getting intoxicated and numbing things down. It was with time that they both gained more insight into how to deal with life’s hardship. Seemingly dark, the track is actually calling for fluidity between light and day.

"Fluid" is the first single of La Vie Sauvage's second album, titled Rite of Passage, so stay tuned.

posted by Nora
April 2022