The artist moniker Laster, of a project born of a French multi-instrumentalist, has come to its final transmission with a walk into the limitless.

Under the Laster project, listeners have discovered tunes they didn't know they needed so badly. His crisp hip hop beats topped with nasty guitar licks, like in like "Smooth" to more recent, technically-advanced work "Reality" helped accomplish recognition across YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and releases on prominent labels Chill Masters and Hipdozer. "Spacewalk" effectively closes out the Laster brand, which has grown to unprecedented levels from a high school kid yearning to make beats on his MPC to a seasoned, omni-genre producer sitting at just 23 years old.

For the 11th release ever on Stereofox Records, Laster tops off an epic career milestone as a young musician and producer. In this funky future trap special, supreme synth power is the medium through which we navigate expansive soundscapes in "Spacewalk". It's intricately-layered, it's carefully-calculated, but most of all: it's fun. And it's one of many examples how a growing musician benchmarks technical excellence and musical accomplishment.

The next step for this producer? Take a step back… and dial-in to new frontiers ahead of him in his career. Expect him to come back swinging with a diverse catalog of the massive, the groovy, the funky, and more. Keep your ears peeled.

Stream Laster's "Spacewalk" on all platforms here.

posted by Mike
September 2019