Amsterdam-based Latanya Alberto brings such a fresh take on jazz and soul. “Get It Right” is a tasteful and modern blend between the two genres with notes of contemporary R&B. The soft guitar and drum track on the track make for a Neo-soul sound complete with the enchanting vocals of Alberto. 

Alberto began writing poetry when she was young, which has clearly become the basis of the profound, emotive lyrics in her music. With playful, but significant lyricism, Alberto sings about racial injustice, femininity, and romance. 

Somewhere between Erykah Badu and Indie Arie, “Get It Right” sounds like something you would play on a sunny morning to get your body slowly moving and swaying to the light and flowing sound. 
Alberto reflects on the track and says:

“How many people are truly unapologetically themselves? This means being honest with yourself, being confident in your decisions, being prepared to walk away to remain in a position of dignity. The song emphasizes the journey back to that stage.”

Do yourself a favor and dive into the intimate listening journey Latanya Alberto.

posted by Lora
May 2021