Those of you who like Sigur Rós might quite enjoy this gorgeous tune.

Led by a vocal line sung in Chinese dialect, "Samsara" includes an array of sampled world instruments: the inspirative sound of Erhus and Santurs give way to mournful, reverb-soaked synth lines. This transition is indicative of the overarching theme and feel of the song: light cannot exist without dark and both elements survive in an indefinite cycle of death and rebirth. 

LDN Monos (aka Curtis Neil) explains that this is the final single before his debut album drops and according to him it's the truest representation of what he was trying to achieve with the LP.

Having garnered a reputation for hypnotic and engaging music videos, LDN Monos stays true to it with the poetic portrayal of a synchronised swimming team in "Samsara". Adjusting scene clips to sync up with the rhythm of the track, the video translates the relentless energy of the song into a colourful and inspiring portrayal of individual efforts amalgamating to create a harmonious organism. I recommend that you experience the track together with the video.

LDN Monos' album, August In Winter will be out in November, so stay tuned.

posted by Nora
August 2022