There's r&b. And then there's r&b that just blows your mind away.

I know it's a release by Stereofox and I certainly have some deep emotional connection with Leena's music but what they've created here with Kamen is just next level!

"Planet 333" is the first single off their upcoming Sequence 02 EP - the follow-up of their acclaimed Sequence 01 (which won over Sofar Sounds Global). A song that I can't completely put into words, it's more of a feeling, an experience - the out-of-body/astral-projection kind.

I tried to describe it as FKA Twigs meets Madonna's "Frozen" but there are so many layers to it, you just gotta hear it yourself - and here comes a handy link to all platforms.

Sequence 02 EP has 4 mesmerizing tracks, each very different but carrying Leena & Kamen's signature cosmic vocals, introspective storytelling, and hazy production, and aims to blend fantasy & reality. It releases on Nov 10th, so keep a (third) eye.

posted by Nasko
October 2022