Yesterday marked a significant milestone for our label, as we joyfully unveiled the complete A Mood Called "You" Remixes EP project. The project breathes new life into the original A Mood Called "You" EP, a collaboration between the talented London-based Lina Nikol and Sofia-based producer Boyan. The EP, which made its debut earlier this year, now receives a fresh perspective through a remarkable assembly of remixes from an absolute dream team, including Moods & El Train. To add to this already impressive roster, now Misha and TromBobby join the fray, providing their own interpretations that collectively form an encompassing remix experience.

All of them are special for us, and there we can't pick a fav gem as we have most probably said that millions of times, but this one is really special for us, because it's by Stereofox’s label artist, multi-instrumentalist TromBobby (worked with GRAMMY winner Jermaine Holmes) who made the punchy “Wine Talks” into a soulful gem with delicate keys and lush brass and his signature brass-driven melodic approach. The result is one of the most jazz-tinged seductive neo-soul pieces with captivating brass & drum groove that you'll hear.

“It was a pleasure remixing a track made by Boyan, whose production I enjoy so much. I took a different, more soulful & brass-driven approach this time and mixed it on the MPC Live II.”, he shared

The full project offers a variety of takes on neo-soul, from jazz, through bossa-nova, all the way to afro-soul & dance. Make sure to show it some love here.

posted by Boris
August 2023