Two of the most talented and established producers on the Global lo-fi/beat scene Axian & Makzo have merged their talents to create the enchanting single "Breath". Their collaborative masterpiece weaves a captivating rhythmic tapestry, driven by the harmonious interplay of guitar and piano, seamlessly blending atmospheric ambiance with laid-back beats. As we approach the colder months "Breath" serves as a sonic cocoon, providing warmth and peace.

The track finds its place in the Chillhop Essentials Winter 2023 compilation, a 30-track collection of songs released by the esteemed label Chillhop Music. The compilation itself is designed to keep the autumnal vibes alive, bringing together 44 artists across 30 tracks, making it the label's most substantial release to date.

With familiar names from the Chillhop family, including Ian Ewing, Psalm Trees, L'Indécis, arbour, and SwuM, alongside new additions like Wowflower, Rose Noir, and Jay Prince, Chillhop Essentials Fall 2023 offers 66 minutes of jazzy beats, lo-fi instrumentals, and chill hip-hop.

posted by Boris
December 2023