Lately, Ive been in the mood for more mellow tunes to complement the sight of winter's relaxed snowfall or gentle winter sunset gradient.

But, you gotta interupt the chilled flow once in awhile. Take those moments of winter introversion and snap out of them by way of hot tracks. Manic Focus has been a go-to for music that intensify my life's rhythm with tasteful wobbles, chopped vocal samples, and just the perfect beat tempo to pull it all together. In fact, just last year I featured "Sowing My Zone" by Manic Focus.

Accompanied on this track is sample-enthused beatmaker, Artifakts, whose work has also been featured here. This producer's found success with his tunes and his live performance climbing the ranks in the electro hiphop soul arena. Knowing these two artists, I can speculate their respective influences in this track, even. From the depth of the bass to the sample selection, it's a nice combination of creative inputs to audibly witness.

The sitar samples in the opening of the track was a simple, yet innovative approach, where the build up drops half-time into a focused flow of bass, vocal samples, and a chord progression similar to the James Bond Theme. Intense. It's got me thinking: I can get stuck in a "winter rhythm" and tracks like this snap me back into my usual uptempo rhythm.

posted by Mike
January 2017