Marie Dahlstrom is not a new name on the Stereofox blog. I, for one, remain obsessed with “Home With You”  and “Like Sand”, part of her full-length album Like Sand, which premiered in May 2020. So naturally, as soon as I found out about her newest collaboration with Canadian artist Aligo and British producer Dan Diggas, I was lured in. 

The track, titled “Fall Down” is a contemporary R&B, lofi hiphop darling, featuring Marie’s unmistakable soul vocals complimented by Aligo’s silky rapping. It’s part of the trio’s four-track EP 4inARow, set to come out Jan 15th 2021 via JFH Records. The single delves into the greyer layers of sustaining a long-term relationship - the unavoidable trials and how a couple approaches disagreements.

Here’s what Marie shares:

'Fall Down' is an ode to arguments that can be common at times, but left untreated could ruin a relationship. Like autumn, this song is a transition period to a colder and more challenging part of the year and symbolic of the changes that can occur when this happens in relationships: 'consequences get the best of you’.

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posted by Hristina
December 2020