"Friends" -- a Quarantine Collab began with a guitar lick that was sent off into a chain reaction. Just as the lockdown set in earlier this year, Vermont producer Marvel Years constructed some loops and passed them on. From there, it took on a life of its own where each producer made their mark and passed it to another of their choosing. The result is a convergence of production perspective and style, but most importantly: one bluesy beat!

For the fans of electro hip hop and soul, this one could be considered a "Where's Waldo" of who did what on the track. Whether it's the acoustic drum grooves by Adam Deitch of Break Science, bluesy keys of producer Manic Focus, or the sample tags by Atlanta's Daily Bread, each person makes a unique mark.

"Friends" lays down a natural sound forged on the compatibility of all the contributing producers who, for the most part, dabble in hip hop based electronic funk and soul. So it feels only natural to bring the lyrical spokesperson for this realm of music on board: Chicago rapper ProbCause. Together, the group proves the power of remote production and bring solidarity in a most trying time for the independent music space.

Check out the official music video of "Friends" by Marvel Years featuring Manic Focus, Kill Paris, Artifakts, Daily Bread, SoDown, Dirtwire, Break Science, and ProbCause.

Stream "Friends" on all major platforms here.

posted by Mike
October 2020