The beauty of weekend home-ins - waking up with the sunrise and exploring new music, especially in the spacious electronic realm. I couldn't think of a better tune than Massane's "One Sided" to start my day with, paired with a quiet Sofia. At this time of the year the city is almost empty, with people being either at the seaside or the mountains and there's something extremely charming in it.

The track is taken from his new EP Visage 5 (Floating) which was released a week ago via This Never Happened, I label I'm quite fond of.

The whole thing is so beautifully emotional, with the synths feeling nothing, but welcoming and vocal chops adding this feeling of old familiarity, as if a friend of shouting from far away, inviting you with them on yet another journey together.

I'm content.

posted by Ivo
August 2022