Masters in France have a fun name, which leads me to believe that they are  fun dudes. They are Welsh so they must have awesome accents. One of their tracks is used in an IKEA commercial and that obviously means they are good at assembling furniture.
My first encounter with Masters in France was when I heard Mad Hatter a few years back - a delightfully weird track, as the name suggests, with an even weirder video. With this year's single Flexin', the Welsh gang have taken a turn for a lighter, more entertaining sound.
If I was to describe it in a sentence, Flexin' is a professionally executed, a bit nerdy synthpop. It doesn't take chances, it doesn't surprise - the tune takes its time to evolve and  the overall track is a bit ''by the book''. Yet at the same time it stays interesting and catchy throughout the full 3:48 minutes and this type of symbiosis is where true musical maturity lies. All the elements - from the quirky electro and lyrics to the dirty synth and  bass - align perfectly to create a well thought of, intelligent track. The underlying humor and slight irony just add to the equation as well as to my growing admiration for these guys.
posted by Iva
April 2013