Two amazing acts got together for an even more amazing fusion.

The super talented, emerging UK musician Matt Wilde got together with French duo Kissamilé for what I can only describe as boom-bap-meets-jazz-meets-Hiatus-Kaiyote.

Similar to my fav Aussie band, Matt & Kissamilé provide a roller-coastery sonic experience with playful keys, chopped vocals, head-nodding drums, and captivating guitars towards the end. Wilde elaborates:

This track is born from the idea of wishing for a better world with collaboration, creativity and sustainability at the centre. Collaborating remotely is always exciting because you never know what the other artist will send. Opening up the files is like unwrapping a gift! Kissamile’s vocals, guitar and drums really brought this track to life and I hope this is just the beginning of our work together.

posted by Nasko
March 2022