Melodiesinfonie and Fiona Fiasco come together for an entire album of brand new, sublime tracks - Forever Faking Memoirs. It is playful and luscious and absolutely fitting for a sunny afternoon listen. 

“Brangelina Fanfiction” is the opening track to the duo’s new album and takes us on a sedative journey through self-love and materialism. 

Glittering keys, dreamy guitars and tick-tocking introduce the song before Fiasco’s sultry voice comes in telling you that all glitter and gold ain’t worth shit if you’re not taking care of and loving yourself. All those penthouse parties, palo santo, and Brangelina fan fiction aren’t going to make you cool if you don’t really treasure yourself and your well-being. Amen to that. 

The two Swiss artists have undeniable chemistry between them, creating sweet fusions between jazz, dream pop, and electronica. The two met in mid-2020 and have been creating ever since. The album features other favorites of mine, like “Boys Suck” and “Je Suis Avec Moi.” 

But realistically, every song is a stand-alone gem in which Melodiesinfonie and Fiona Fiasco have added their tasteful touch and individual styles. Linger through these winsome melodies with a chilled glass of white wine and take in the magic of Forever Faking Memoirs. 

posted by Lora
February 2021