The parallel between New York and Hong Kong - a never-ending inspiration for the music producer and guitarist Metic. The two cities, which marked his personal and artistic journey with the Soul Feather EP a while back, but he now decided to take a step back and draw some connections between the two urbanscapes.

“Hong Kong Minute”, similar to the EP is soaked in daily urban ambiance. However, its vibrant musicality is a pinch more refined. Metic combined some delicate percussion with groovy guitar licks and stirred some soul-tingling keys in. The track effortlessly pulls you into a relaxing and pleasing scenery, which feels like observing the urban environment from a really, really cozy place. As if you’re simply enjoying the dynamism and vitality around without being part of the hustle itself, but rather vibing with the flow itself.

Another proof of Metic’s skill to craft an ultimately balanced sonic panorama, satiated with both peacefulness and joy, “Hong Kong Minute” is available now everywhere!

posted by Chris
August 2021