Oh, the joy of having Metic grace our musical realm once again, and with such a joyful treasure! After the heartwarming vibes of "Prunella Tea", now comes "Spring Garden Lane" - a musical delight that beckons us into its soothing embrace.

The talented producer and guitarist, hailing from Hong Kong and currently based in the vibrant streets of NYC, gifts us another chill beats masterpiece. His distinctive guitar licks form the foundation, paving the way for a mesmerizing guitar solo that only Metic can conjure. As the smooth bass line intertwines with live recorded samples and mellow keys, an auditory experience unfolds, leaving us wrapped in the warmth of the Fall season. It's the perfect backdrop for a chill weekend, sipping a steaming cup of tea.

"Spring Garden Lane" isn't just a standalone wonder. It's part of a carefully curated series of singles, each one weaving its own narrative. Tracks like "Prunella Tea" and "Bodega Minute" join the ensemble, forming a captivating prelude to Metic's upcoming album Thoughts on Home and Symmetry set to grace our ears this October. To make this musical journey even more special, a limited run of 100 unique vinyl records and 60 cassettes is available for pre-order on his Bandcamp here.

posted by Boris
October 2023