Wonderful to have Metic back in our feed and with such a gem!

The HK-native, NYC-based producer & guitarist delivers a new boom-bap tune, with his signature guitar licks, soulful samples & warm keys.

Metic elaborates, "Prunella Tea is a beloved herbal tea in Hong Kong during summer time for its cooling and healing properties. That was top of mind when I made this track to hit like that first sip of ice-cold tea on a hot summer day. What drove it was the sampling of In Debt, the debut single of Hong Kong band RIDDEM, an exciting bilingual act with jazz soul influences whom I can call my friends. With their blessings, I got to transform their sound into one uniquely my own via my guitar hooks and production."

The song is part of his upcoming album Thoughts on Home and Symmetry - set to release in October this year. Moving away from home while relocating to New York, the excitement of the big city is juxtaposed with the feeling of homesickness - a motif that can also be found in our 2021 release with him Soul Feather. Crafting tracks in both Brooklyn and Hong Kong, Metic captures different aspects of life and his journeys. The album will have a series of singles, followed by a unique vinyl and cassette launch. This marks Metic's return to independent releases after a hiatus, coupled with his debut solo venture into physical releases.

posted by Nasko
August 2023