When I wrote a few weeks ago about the new Misc.Inc's track Seeing.Venus I didn't know that I will have the chance to do it once again so soon, but this time for Dreams.Unbroken.

Clearly, you can hear that Misc.Inc wants to make a statement with the new direction that he took and he already kicks off 2022 with two amazing songs.....wondering what will follow until the end of the year, we just have to sit down, lay back, and wait, but I am sure that we are all going to be very surprised.

Movement and the combination of fragility and resilience – Misc.Inc’s new lightmotive and main keyword. Dreams.Unbroken is finally the manifestation of his new sound something that he has been working on for the last 2 years. Combining the energy of steady, fast-paced drums with free-floating textures and a vocalesque melody that craves for liberation.

“To break free and chase your desires and never let down your dreams. They need to be unbroken.”


Watch the visualizer that was made for the video on his YouTube channel below and definitely give it a spin on your preferred streaming platforms here.

posted by Boris
April 2022