Mondo Loops has always had a knack for creating serene instrumentals.

I remember our debut release, the Late Night Tapes EP, and his newly-found cinematic approach to lofi. Today, he returns with a blend of strings, nostalgic piano, mesmerising guitars, and organic foley sounds for one of the most soothing songs you'll hear.

"Weirwood Tree" is the upfront single of a mini-compilation, the Woodlands EP, bringing together the winners of a beat competition on Native Instruments' Metapop which we organised together with Mondo. Expect 5 more delicate tunes from the talented producers Arbor Avenue, Arbee, Jing3, Mezro, and Sam Cisco who transformed Mondo Loops' sample pack sounds into unique gems.

Stream "Weirwood Tree" on your favourite platform here.

posted by Nasko
June 2023