Satin-like vocals and irresistible soulful grooves - you got it right, it's Moonchild, this time teaming up with the gorgeous Lalah Hathaway!

This is such a delight! You better prepare for floating on a soft cloud, made of kisses - that's the vibe of "Tell Him", taken from Moonchild’s upcoming fifth album Starfruit (hurray!!).

Starting with the sound of a knock on the door, the track eases into a groove centred around drums from band member Andris Mattson: “I made the initial track for this as part of a Song a Day for a Month challenge that we all did back in April 2020” he explains, harking back to the band’s creative process over lockdown. “Tell Him” explores the point in a relationship where words become lost on a partner. With the lyrics “a kiss takes the power from your lips”, Amber and Lalah muse over the way words lose their impact when you get close to someone; “sometimes you just have to call their friend and say, “hey, you tell them”, Amber adds.

So go ahead and enjoy this taste-giver, while anticipating the whole album, looking forward to February 11th.

posted by Nora
January 2022