The most calming tune you'll hear today! A sublime blend of ambient and lofi, this track will simply surround you with a sonic shield, protecting you from the hassle of the outside world.

"Dim" is a slowly unfolding composition, centred around several upright piano samples. The Dutch artist behind this lovely tune elaborates:

Mothú means 'feeling' and with this project, I invite you to welcome your emotions, rather than to numb them. The music should function as a welcoming, warm foundation to invite the melancholy we all might feel inside. All the artwork was created by myself. The drawings made over pictures of wooden textures translate to the many layers we as humans can experience and feel when we become aware of what lies beneath our exterior.

Thus, combining different media, Mothú offers a wonderful introduction to his artistry. This is only his second single and I'm looking forward to the next one, as I'm convinced it will provide us with some more good vibes.

posted by Nora
February 2022