I have nothing, but mad respect for the way Mr. Käfer bridges old and new.

In his latest beat release, the Cologne-based artist fuses classic 90s hip hop beats with futuristic and spacious elements taken from downtempo and future beat music. Besides the tight drum and kicks, you'll hear a beautifully injected female vocal sample that adds a really beautiful flair to the whole thing.

I would send "9 to 5" out to anyone waking up today and having to go through the same day again. Music can breathe life and so does this beat.

The track is taken from his latest music endeavor - Inner Mirrors EP, which dropped on January 6 this year.

"The name came to mind because I've always seen music as a way to process (daily) life and to mirror it into something hearable. Maybe there is some relatable vibes in it for one or another", shares the artist on Instagram.

posted by Ivo
January 2023