Sweet like strawberry and moving like a rollercoaster ride, the new track by Mr Little Jeans will make your Thursday a bit better.

"Better With You" combines r&b, pop and electronica for a contemporary-sounding treat. Powered by delicate harmonies, solid beatworks and airy vocals, the track sounds spacious yet grounded - taking us on a well-planned journey.

Written about the exhilarating early stages of a relationship, it speaks to Birkenes' symbiosis with her co-writers, Drew McFadden and Leon Jean-Marie. "I'm at my most creative and honest when I'm writing with people I know and trust," Birkenes recalls. "It also helps if I can boss them around and be vocal about what I want, which is what I did most days."

The track is part of Mr Little Jeans' album Better Days, due in June via Nettwerk, so stay tuned.

posted by Nora
March 2022