It's time for some guitar-infused jazzhop and neo-soul at its best - you guessed it, Natty Reeves is back!

The Brighton-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer returns with a brand-new album titled Our Time. The appetizing release showcases a new direction in his music and leaning his attention towards a further developed instrumental-focused sound embedded further into the UK Jazz scene. The album sees Reeves level up his production and brings in some helping hands across the project from an array of the UK’s thriving jazz scene talents.

One of the best examples for this is the final single "Lilac" where Charlie Allen and trumpeter Jackson Mathod deliver vibrant melodies all throughout the arrangement. Layered rich textures of melodies and groove-heavy drums amplify the nu-jazz flavoured instrumentation, which reveals something new with every new hit of the play button.

The full album comes out August 27th via DeepMatter, but in the meantime, you can continue to sip on the finest sounds of Brighton's jazzy soundtrack!

posted by Chris
August 2021