In my 10 years of writing about good music, one pitch stands above all and it came to my inbox a week ago.

Think Kiefer, Mad Keys, and MNDSGN scoring a reboot of the 90’s/00’s hit Nickelodeon series, “Hey Arnold

Would you say no to that? I doubt it.

Meet Melbourne-born, New York-based composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Nick Marks and his beyond-real sonic creation "Between Gigs". An outstanding blend of playful jazz chords and dynamics with lo-fi and hip hop beats. The perfect way to cure a mundane and stressful Monday (which I totally had).

Going back to Nick's music. There is soo much to grab onto. It feels like his mind has fallen into a pool of genres and soaked the best out of everything floating in there - from jazz and funk, all the way to neo-soul and 70s New York vibe (not really a genre, but I do feel like traveling back in time when listening to "Between Gigs"). Speaking of the track's title - I am not sure if he wrote this ...between gigs, but it does sound casually chill and it perfectly reflects the energy of the composition.

I don't think it would be a surprise to anyone who has heard the track at least once if I share the fact that Nick is a conservatory-trained jazz and classical pianist. Blending his rigorous training with a profound dedication to exploring film scores and synthesizers, he has crafted a unique sonic identity. His compositions seamlessly merge the tangible and the ethereal, aiming to evoke a harmonious response within the heart, body, and intellect. Relocating to New York in 2016 marked a pivotal juncture as the talented artist swiftly cemented his reputation as a sought-after composer, producer, and musical conductor. With a knack for crafting musical narratives for both cinematic and television productions, he consistently collaborates and arranges for a diverse array of artists spanning multiple genres.

This was the first time I stumbled upon his music, but I bet we're going to see Nick alongside artists like Kiefer, CARRTOONS, and Cory Henry.

posted by Ivo
August 2023