What happens when you take Two Feet's vibe and wrap it in a dark (and I mean really dark) layer? The new Nocktern release answers that question.

Nocktern started as a project of Bulgarian artist Stoimen Stoyanov who was later joined by Boris Malevanov (who is also the drummer of Heptagram). Today's highlight - "Hollow" is the brainchild of their collaborative efforts with our friend SAÍGO. The track is an absolute genre-bender. For 4 minutes and 24 seconds, dark pop, indie electronica, and traces of alternative rock live in absolute harmony.

what’ll it be today

maybe I’ll try my luck again tomorrow

maybe I’ll be embraced

is it unavoidable feeling hollow yet again

When it comes to the creative process and his work with NOCKTERN, SAÍGO shares:

When I am in Sofia, Stoimen and Aled Ordu graciously allow me to work in their studio (The Glitch Lab). It was very natural to go to the other side of the wall and collaborate. NOCKTERN have a darker vibe than the stuff I usually work on, so they brought out a different side of my voice. The lyrics remind me of the impressionist style, they are not too literal. My process was to channel the mood palette of the instrumental, which gave me a brooding, anxious, discontent kind of vibe. The “Feeling hollow yet again” phrase came to me first, and then the rest of the song wrote itself around that, with specific images that elicit the emotions that I get from the music.

posted by Ivo
October 2020