You may recognise the dreamy hand of Nils Frahm behind this piece.

Nonkeen is the name of a trio that sees the well-established composer linked up with childhood friends Frederic Gmeiner & Sebastian Singwald.

They first met at primary school in a rural suburb of Hamburg. They used to meet up during the '90, experimenting with sounds and sending each other recordings of their own early pieces and samples.

Much later, they decided to take those sounds and elaborate them, like pieces of a jigsaw. They picked their favourite passages and records and started stitching them together, building up new songs from the old memories. After 8 years of work, they finally released their first album, The Gamble through R&S Records

This is the last track of the album. It feels rudimental, groungy with a natural white noise that lasts the whole song. Then Nils' piano loops kick in, building a dreamy atmosphere supported by a shy cymbal. The progression rises with a monotone synth that gives shape to the song.

I'm looking forward to their live performance. If you are excited as well, check out their European tour starting in April.


posted by Staff
February 2016