As always, featuring N U A G E S as soon as the track drops. From now on, I thought of just using the thoughts / feedback I sent him prior the release as feature text.

As always, thank you man - thank you for sharing this music with me and it has been and will be a precious experience for as long as you make music. So, this is what I replied to him on Feb 12th when I first heard "follow" (at the time untitled).

Hey man! Pure happiness, every time you send me raw music to listen to. Means a lot to me.

Very post-rock. Made me nostalgic. You actually caught me up in the mountains, literally chilling and watching the sunset over the hills, one of these golden ones that really make an impression. Back to the track, loving the post-rock guitar man, but I like that u add the voices and the ambiance, so quickly you steer away from the genre (in a beautiful way).

Digging the voices, they add quite the haunting feel at first, but eventually the 2nd voice that kicks in feels warmer, like talking to a friend who you know for a long, long time. I would not change a thing in this.

Also, random - love the kicks you use in here. Has tons of substance, like a stomp. This made my day.

posted by Ivo
February 2022