Imagine yourself floating above a vast green field up in the mountains, snowy peaks surround you and there's this lightness in the air that makes you feel invincible. I've got the perfect soundtrack to this trippy, yet relaxing experience and it comes thanks to the Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist O Slow.

Currently studying Jazz and Popular Music, her goal is to convey a sense of audacity in her music – to confront one's innermost emotions and appreciate them for their intricacies, contradictions, and splendor.

O Slow's (real name Jacqui Miranda) musical inspirations are quite fascinating. It all starts with her upbringing in a religious cult and it further develops when she discovered genres like shoe-gaze and alt-pop. Elements you would easily discover in her new single "Two" alongside traces of church choir influences and synth-pop.

This sounds truly larger-than-life.

posted by Ivo
March 2023