When it comes to quality jazzhop, Retro Jungle never disappoints.

And here's not just one but 12 marvelous examples - their latest The Lyrical Mansion compilation. The French label gathered 12 local artists in a villa next to Dijon to create, play & spend time together - and this is how the magic happened.

United by the sounds of jazz & the classic chillhop production, you'll find artists like Saib, ØDYSSEE, L'Indécis, Hoogway, DLJ, Pastel & more. I wanted to feature the opener "Homelands" because I feel it represents the whole concept perfectly (and the title works very well for that point) - playful keys, spacey synths, and marvelous drums.

Make sure to listen to the whole thing below & you can also get it on a vinyl record here.

posted by Nasko
May 2024